Additional Services


We Go The Extra Mile

Now that your equipment has been serviced and left our facility, we don’t forget about you. We’re committed to making sure that it operates beyond factory specifications. So we offer additional services to assure that your unit continues functioning optimally and productively.

We have access to unpublished updates for internal equipment functionality. Specialized Communications offers these updates and fixes as additional services. Since many of these are model specific contact us to see if these apply to your specific unit.

Other Services Include:



DVCPRO Mechanism Refurbishment Program



We’re excited to serve up a solution to expensive, unaligned mechanisms bought new. The Mechanism Refurbishment Program allows you to spend less and get more out of your mechanism. Our engineers fine-tune these refurbished mechanisms to tighter tolerances that exceed manufacturing specifications allowing peek performance of your machine.




DVCPRO Modifications



Our engineers eagerly want to help you get the most out of your DVCPRO machine. Specialized Communications Corp. offers several mods that will save you both time and money.